Volunteers of the Month

December 2022

Thank you Mary Ralston, owner of Pennington Ralston LLC, for helping with food and beverage at our chapter Business Partner Expo and Organizing Showcase.

November 2022

Thank you Mark Cavaletti, owner of Making Space, for assisting at our chapter Business Partner Expo and Organizing Showcase, with ushering guests into the parking lot!

October 2022

Thank you Ron Montanez of Aaron’s Reliable Movers, for helping us host our recent Business Partner Expo and Organizing Showcase at Workshop 4200.

September 2022

Thank you Schae Lewis of Mission 2 Organize for your work on the Chicago Board as Vice President and Marketing.

August 2022

Thank you Kathleen Crombie, owner of In Order to Organize, for leading the North Shore Neighborhood group, and helping secure NAPO Chicago’s access to the film Do I Need This?, a documentary about American excess.

July 2022

Thank you Elesheva Soloff, owner of Soloff Space Solutions, for doing an amazing job of handling our NAPO social events and elections as Director at Large of our chapter board.

June 2022

Thank you Anita Birsa, the owner of Anita Birsa Interiors, for serving on the NAPO Chicago board for several years, including three years as chapter president. 

May 2022

Thank you Michelle Cicirello, owner of Momentum Organizing, for joining the chapter board mid-term to fill in the critical role of Director of Professional Development and working so hard to get up to speed on the chapter's processes and procedures. Not only has she been an excellent addition to the board, but she is quite fantastic at the new role by planning our professional development programs and networking sessions and leading the PD committee.

April 2022

Thank you Melanie Mesker for your hard work on the Marketing Team. You have helped us promote our chapter on social media by posting our events, organizing and productivity-related articles, and other noteworthy chapter activities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

March 2022

Thank you Sue Leftwich of Sue Leftwich Professional Organizer, Angela Loveless of Actually Organized by Angela, and Maggie Panagakis of Strategies for Organizing, Inc. for serving on our Chapter Elections Committee for multiple terms.

February 2022

Thank you Catherine Belziel Gibel, MSW, for creating templates, images and graphics for many of our chapter's social media postings. Your Canva skills make us look great!

January 2022

Thank you Phaedra Studt, owner of Practical Possibilities. As the Director of Technology, she has been tirelessly working to improve our chapter's technology-related operational processes and security procedures. She recently completed a few major technology projects, including moving all board email to Google and setting up the Google workplace.  

December 2021

Thank you Chanin King, owner of Ordered in All Things, for serving as the chair of the chapter's social committee for over a year. By organizing both virtual and in-person events, you have created fun opportunities for all of our chapter members to stay connected.

November 2021

Thank you Terri Albert, owner of The Chicago Organizer, for your work on the Professional Development Committee, serving as a host for our Networking @Noon gatherings, and acting as group “ambassador” to help promote the recently resumed Chicago Neighborhood Group.

October 2021

Thank you Carolyn Burnham of Burnham Creative Group, for your many years of service as the video editor of the NAPO Chicago Monthly Meeting Programs.

September 2021

Thank you Laurie Neumann of Innovative Organizer, LLC., for your 10 years of active volunteer participation, including 7 years on NAPO Chicago's Board of Directors and your current roles as NAPO National's co-chair of the Chapter Relations Committee, and  our chapter's newsletter editor.

August 2021

Thank you Michelle Kinney of Bloom Organizing, for your three years of service as the chapter's Director of Administration and for assuming your new volunteer role as the leader for the West Suburban Neighborhood Group.

June 2021

Thank you, Linda Goldman, CPO®, of Altogether Organized, for your many years as a volunteer, including most recently as our New Member Ambassador.

May 2021

Thank you, Kathleen Crombie, for your tireless work leading the North Shore Neighborhood group for the past several years, and seemlessly switching the meetups to virtual.

April 2021

Thank you, Tara Whitaker, for your service as our Director of Technology over the past year of virtual meetings. She also manages the chapter website behind the scenes and digital platforms for chapter and board operations. 

March 2021


Thank you Sue Leftwich of Sue Leftwich, Professional Organizer and Angela Loveless of Actually Organized by Angela for serving on the election committee for 2021.

February 2021

Thank you to Cindy Levitt of peace by piece! for lending her time and expertise leading discussions about diversity and inclusion, and helping the board launch the chapter’s new Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiative. 

January 2021

Thank you, Paula Ripple of OrganizeWell, for serving as Director of Professional Development, creating all the great programming at our monthly meetings.

December 2020

Thank you, Kelly Brask for being a chapter volunteer for so many years! Currently, she serves as the chapter treasurer. 

November 2020

Thank you, Alan Mesh of Newtech E-scrap Recycling Inc., a NAPO Chicago Premium Business Partner, for picking up electronic equipment for recycling directly from members and at monthly meetings, and promoting NAPO Chicago at recycling events all over the Chicago area.

October 2020

Thank you, Kammy Lee of Organized by Kammy, for being part of our marketing team

September 2020

Thank you, Ev Greenberg of R-Cubed, for being a member of our marketing and social media team and serving as one of our Facebook ambassadors. 

August 2020

Thank you, Schae Lewis CPO of Mission 2 Organize for working with the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans to organize our volunteer event for National GO Month. In February, a group of NAPO Chicago members helped the organization organize their supply closet and clothing store so they can better serve their clients. 

July 2020

Thank you, Christy Lynch of Streamline to Succeed LLC, for volunteering both time and expertise to lead the Chicago Chapter Board through their recent planning and goal setting retreat. This annual event is an important part of ensuring our chapter is fulfilling the needs of the chapter's members through monthly meetings, online events, and community engagement opportunities.

June 2020


Thank you, Linda Goldman CPO® of Altogether Organized®, and Amber Malone CPO® of Amber's Organizing & Bookkeeping, for completing the annual review of the Chicago chapter’s finances. This review is important to make sure our budget is correct and all transactions are completed according to accounting best practices. 

May 2020

Thank you, Kerry, for serving as Treasurer on our chapter Board of Directors since 2016. She has been responsible for managing all financial matters, tracking expenses and advising the board on how best to apply and invest funds to benefit all our members. 

April 2020

Thank you, Caroline Guntur of The Swedish Organizer LLC, for serving on the chapter board as the Director of Communications & Technology since 2017. She will be ending her service this May. She led the effort to convert us to a digital chapter, revise the chapter website, implemented a strategy to securely store and back up the chapter’s digital files, and has kept all things technology related running behind the scenes. 

March 2020

Thank you, Megan Spillman, for volunteering to be the chapter's Director of Marketing. She's been very busy posting on social media, highlighting our chapter's events and meetings. She's looking forward to promoting the great work and accomplishments of our chapter's members. 

February 2020

Thank you, Susan Bailey, for serving as our chapter's Membership Director! Susan welcomes new members, checks in members and guests at chapter meetings, makes sure member milestones and accomplishments are recognized, and more. She also manages lots of data to keep things running behind the scenes. 

January 2020

Thank you, Mackenzie Scott CPO®, for serving on the NAPO Chicago Chapter Board as Secretary. She is the newsletter designer, and has played a large role in the Chapter’s recent rebranding project and several other design projects for Chapter committees and members. 

December 2019

Thank you, Sandi Simos of Sandi Simos Photography, for volunteering to take pictures at the chapter meeting.

November 2019

Thank you, Kerry Dexter, for serving on the Chicago chapter Board of Directors as Treasurer since May 2015. She manages the chapter’s finances each month, and keeps everyone on budget. 

October 2019

Thank you, Jamie Stevens, for being the new leader for our Chicago Neighborhood Group. 

September 2019

Thank you, Tara Whitaker, for taking on the role of librarian for the Chapter Member Library. She will be bringing the collection of books and select DVDs to each of our Chapter meetings for members to browse and check out.

August 2019

Thank you, Carolyn Burnham for uploading the video recordings of our Business Partner presentations and featured speakers at our monthly meetings to our chapter website. 

July 2019

Thank you Elesheva for serving on the Chicago chapter board as Director-at-Large for the past two years. In this position, she organized our annual chapter elections as Chair of the board of directors nominating committee, and served as advisor to the President. 

June 2019

Thank you Tim Jenkins for once again facilitating the NAPO Chapter Board retreat on May 21st. 

May 2019

Thanks to Laurie Neumann for serving on the NAPO Chicago Chapter Board since 2013. She was our Membership Director from 2013 – 2016. She stepped up to take over the role of Board President in 2016. Laurie is continuing on for another board term as Immediate Past President. Thank you, Laurie, for your many years of service!

April 2019

Thanks to Amy Trager CPO® for serving on the NAPO national Conference Planning Committee. She was also our chapter's conference liaison keeping our members informed about NAPO2019 and arranging our chapter dinner at conference. Amy serves on our chapter's Social Committee throughout the year. 

March 2019

Thanks to Bonnie Hillman Shay, owner of Mariposa Photo Organizing and NAPO Chicago business partner, for helping out at meetings by greeting members and guests and making everyone feel welcome. 

February 2019

Thanks to Barbara Tischler, of The Clutter Coach, for volunteering to run the video camera at chapter meetings so that our speaker presentations can be available for members to watch online. 

January 2019

Thanks to Anita Birsa, of Anita Birsa Interiors LLC and NAPO Chicago Vice President, for putting together our chapter newsletter every month and coordinating the Chicago City Neighborhood Group. 

December 2018

Thanks to our chapter Business Partner, Hagen Kern, of Junk King Chicago Downtown, for being an active member of our Chicago Chapter, and participating in the Chicago neighborhood group.

November 2018

Thanks to Cheryl Susman, of Cheryl L Susman Coaching LLC, for helping get our members checked in, and welcoming our guests before our monthly chapter meeting. 

October 2018

Thanks to Ev Greenberg for helping manage our chapter's social media presence and keeping the "likes" coming in.

September 2018

Thanks to Elaine Quinn, CPO, for serving as our chapter's Director of Business Partners and creating our Focus on Business series.

August 2018


Thanks to Tim Jenkins for helping guide our NAPO Chicago Board in their recent strategic planning process and facilitating the Board retreat on June 1st.

June 2018

Thanks to Yuzu Sasaki Byrne for her work coordinating the Chicago chapter members' participation in the NAPO 2018 conference.

May 2018


Thanks to Maggie Panagakis for for her work on the 2018 Nominating committee for the NAPO Chicago Board elections.

April 2018

Thanks to Sue Leftwich for her work on the 2018 Nominating committee for the NAPO Chicago Board elections.

March 2018

Thanks to Kathleen Crombie for her time leading the NAPO Chicago North Shore neighborhood group.

February 2018


Thanks to Schae Lewis, the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO) liaison for our chapter. She is dedicated to her role and passionate about the importance of being a Certified Professional Organizer.

January 2018


Thanks to Catherine Smith for offering to catalog and post information about recycle and donation resources. She created the "NAPO Chicago - City Neighborhood Repurposing Resource Guide". This document link is on our chapter's POINT library.

December 2017


Thanks to Sue Leftwich for consistently volunteering at our chapter meeting registration table and for participating in many of the chapter's community service projects. 

November 2017


Thanks to Terri Albert, who, in addition to facilitating the chapter's quarterly new/ prospective member calls, has referred more Chapter Business Partners than any other member. 

October 2017


Thanks to Caroline Guntur for her work in organizing and backing up the Chapter's website files and database.

September 2017


Thanks to Jackie Mendelsohn for serving as our chapter's Facebook Ambassador.

August 2017


Thanks to Michelle Kinney for volunteering to assume responsibility for the chapter library and for to catalog the library collection online.

July 2017


Thanks to Tricia Sinon Murray for her help with leading the N/NW/W/SW chapter neighborhood group.

June 2017


Thanks to Laura Waller for her help with coordinating the chapter library.

May 2017


Thanks to Sarah Campbell for her help with scanning the chapter's volunteer agreement forms and photo/video release forms.

April 2017


Thanks to Yuzu Sasaki-Byrne for her help with promoting, and organizing chapter participation in, the annual conference. 

March 2017


Thanks to Amy Trager for her help with the chapter election process. 

February 2017


Thanks to Marc Levin for being our excellent unofficial ambassador. 

January 2017


Thanks to Linda Goldman for being our long time BCPO liaison.

December 2016


Thanks to Mackenzie Scott, our new Social Media Ambassador. 

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