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NAPO Chicago, a chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

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Laurie Neumann

Laurie has officially been an organizer since 2011, but she has essentially been organizing all her life. Laurie became a Professional Organizer when she realized that she could use her gift and passion for organizing to help others simplify and reduce stress. When not organizing, Laurie enjoys physical fitness, nature, travel, and spending time with friends and family.

Anita Birsa

Susan Bailey

In navigating the new world of multiple family members with multiple food allergies, Susan realized sometimes you need a little help. She wanted to be the person helping those new to a life of managing food allergies and Celiac Disease. From this idea came Cygnet Organizing LLC. She has learned that simplifying other aspects of your life frees up time for you to focus on having safe good food for you and your family to enjoy. When not organizing or cooking, Susan enjoys gardening, reading, hiking, parade float building, and is training for her first 5K.

Suzy Hart

Suzy M Hart is the founder of Smhart Solutions, Inc., an organizing company for your home, office and life. Organizing comes naturally for Suzy, you’ll find her straightening store shelves, rearranging the table top at restaurants and is the one you call upon to fit all the leftovers in the fridge at holiday time. Suzy believes that organizing is not only an act but a way of life. In her free time Suzy enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, and spending time with her daughter.

Kerry Dexter

After retiring from 30 years in the business world, Kerry wanted to use her experience to help others. Kerry and her husband moved frequently in support of their jobs and Kerry learned the importance of being organized at both home and work, and how to quickly set up new teams, offices, and households. She loves helping others create order out of the chaos that change brings. Kerry has been helping people get organized since 2013. When she's not organizing you can find her riding horses, reading, hiking, exercising, and taking pictures.

Leslie Gail

Leslie was working with infants and toddlers as a Developmental Therapist for Early intervention, but was seeking to provide families with more all-inclusive support. She discovered the field of Professional Organizing through a television show and started her business soon after, in December of 2010. When not organizing families, Leslie enjoys walking outdoors, reading, and spending time with her own family and friends.

Elaine Quinn

Elaine has been organizing as a member of NAPO, since 2001 and for 25 years before that in every job she ever had. Elaine decided to become a Professional Organizer when she realized that her skills that she took for granted were not a part of everyone's skill set and that small business owners who are disorganized are making life harder than it needs to be. When not organizing, Elaine enjoys learning about Ancient Egypt.

Caroline Guntur

Growing up in small-town Sweden, Caroline used to organize and create inventories for her extensive My Little Pony collection. After moving to the U.S. in 1999, she kept organizing on a volunteer basis for several small businesses, and in 2009, the hobby finally turned into a career. Caroline specializes in remote digital organizing of photos, files, and other digital media, and loves to teach others how to be more productive. She currently divides her time between the United States and Sweden, and when not organizing, she enjoys traveling, singing, reading, and practicing archery.

Sarah Campbell

Capitalizing on 20+ years in finance and project management experience in the corporate world, and the lessons learned from multiple personal moves, Sarah started helping others organize their houses and their small business finances in 2010. She specializes in home office organization and move preparation and coordination. When not working with clients, Sarah is busy with fly fishing, fitness, photography, and traveling.

Paula Ripple

During Paula’s corporate career as an accountant and financial system developer, she was an organizer of dollars and data. For fun, she organized the closets and kitchens of friends. Her company, Organizewell, was born in 2011 out of Paula’s own struggle to regain her former levels of organization after her battle with breast cancer. As the mother and the spouse of Type 1 Diabetics, Paula understands first-hand how life challenges can be overwhelming and create chaos at work and home. Working as an organizer, she is grateful to help her clients reclaim their lives by cutting clutter and finding new approaches to productivity. In her free time, Paula enjoys stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding with her kids and gardening.

Elesheva Soloff

After many years of organizing friends’ homes, Elesheva opened Soloff Space Solutions in 2010 in Boston, MA. In 2014 she moved to Chicago as her home-base and sometimes travel to clients. She loves working with clients to convert their frustrations into customized solutions. In her spare time she's exploring Chicago, running by the lake front or climbing.

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