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We are the Chicago chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). NAPO-Chicago comprises the largest group of professional organizers in the Midwest dedicated to helping create clutter-free, organized households, offices and businesses throughout the greater Chicago, southern Wisconsin and northern Indiana areas.      Learn more...

Are you stressed, over-committed and find yourself always running late?  

Do you find it difficult to find things or manage your time?

WE CAN HELP - Find An Organizer!

With a few simple clicks, you can search our membership base and find the
NAPO-Chicago organization specialist who is right for you. Whether you
need home organizing, small business or corporate organizing, productivity
training, time management training or help downsizing homes, we have a       professional organizer for you!

  • Bedroom Before
    Bedroom Before
  • Bedrooom After
    Bedrooom After
  • Living Room Before
    Living Room Before
  • Living Room After
    Living Room After
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    Guest Room Before
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    Guest Room After
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    Closet Before
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    Closet After
  • Cabinet Before
    Cabinet Before
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    Cabinet After
  • Garage Before
    Garage Before
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    Garage After
  • Home Office Before
    Home Office Before
  • Home Office After
    Home Office After
  • Clutter Before
    Clutter Before
  • Clutter After
    Clutter After
  • Drawer Before
    Drawer Before
  • Drawer After
    Drawer After

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Meet the Organizers


 Amy Trager  of

 Amy Trager,  Certified  Professional  Organizer┬«

Years as a PO:  12

Once I realized it was a profession, I began reading as much as I could about it...More


Jen Hadraba of

Jen Hadraba

Years as a PO: 9

It seems like becoming a professional organizer was a career that chose me! I've always had a knack for...More

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